People often differ from each other in terms of their bodily features. Knowing our bodily type will help us better understand how our habits and way of life have developed. In fact, by identifying our body types, we can determine which enzymes our bodies will require to assist them to digest the meals that they find difficult to digest.

How about your body type? If you want to know your body type, take a quiz here. However, the following categories best describe our bodies:

Type 1 Body:

  • Both shoulders and hips are proportionately broad and the same size.
  • You put on weight consistently all across your torso.
  • If you are overweight, you have excess belly and waist fat. For females, you also store fat in your buttocks.
  • You yearn for sweets, fruit, pasta, bread, and vegetables that are high in sugar.
  • Coffee and chocolate appeal to you.
  • You struggle with depression or mood fluctuations.
  • Around noon, you start to feel worn out and exhausted. Sometimes you wake up exhausted as well.
  • Your hands and feet feel numb.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • You often experience allergies.

Type 2 Body:

  • You have wider hips than shoulders.
  • The majority of a woman’s weight is located in her buttocks and upper thighs.
  • The place where guys carry extra weight is around their midsection.
  • Your favorite recipes have a strong flavor or are spicy. They include foods that have been smoked, creamed, peppered, salted, or spiced.
  • You enjoy Mexican, Italian, and Asian food.
  • You have digestive problems.
  • You like fried dishes like fish, chicken, onion rings, and fries.
  • You sip on wine or other liquids while eating.
  • Gallbladder issues are widespread in this region.
  • You enjoy rich treats like chocolate or ice cream.

Type 3 Body:

  • You have a wider hip-to-shoulder ratio.
  • Your back and upper torso, especially your abdomen, bear your weight.
  • No matter your age, your legs remain sturdy and firm.
  • Unless you push your thighs hard to create muscle in that region, they are flat and lack any contour.
  • You need meat and protein at every meal.
  • You don’t taste your food before adding salt to it.
  • You yearn for all forms of protein, including eggs, cheese, almonds, sausage, fish, and chicken.
  • Your joints are stiff, or your left shoulder hurts.
  • Each meal must be accompanied by at least one beverage.
  • Rather than feeling worn out, you feel stressed.
  • You have a severe issue with constipation.
  • You live a gas-filled lifestyle.

The Final Statement

You might classify yourself under several categories (body type). But we have one specific body type than the rest. However, anyone’s physique can be type 1, but they might have a type 3’s craving for proteins and a type 2’s craving for foods with rich flavors.

Knowing your body type will certainly help you decide what lifestyle decisions are best for you. Knowing the shape or body type does not imply you have to give up your favorite foods or routines. However, you may find out your specific body type by taking this fun quiz here.